05.-12.2017: Project days on environmental education for refugees in Dresden - Exciting excursions to Dresden companies.

Why do you have to separate the garbage in Germany? What's the point of bringing plastic bottles back to the supermarket? Every refugee was most likely confronted with these or similar questions in their new daily life in Germany. Environmental protection and sustainability often played no major role at home, but in Germany it suddenly does.
In order to give refugees an introduction to environmental topics and to show them how to  deal with them in everyday life, DREBERIS carried out a project of environmental and sustainability education for refugees in Dresden from May to December 2017. The project was funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation / Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU).
Three realisation rounds with four appointments each were organized at environmental companies located in Dresden and the young people were given practical information on the topics of wastewater treatment, waste separation and recycling, renewable energies and electricity consumption. At the end of the project days, workshops were held to provide information on training,professional opportunities, perspectives in green professions and to clarify the requirements for this.
During the project, it was particularly exciting for all those involved to exchange views on the differences and similarities between countries. Environmental protection and sustainability can really be seen as an opportunity for integration. All in all, the refugees were not only able to expand their knowledge and language skills, but were also able to contact local companies and counselling centres for vocational training. Committed participants have also received a certificate of participation.
Many thanks to the participants and partners of our project, we wish you a lot of success in the future.